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About Wirral - Liverpool City Region

Liverpool City Region 1,518,000 Combined
Wirral Borough 320,000 Wirral
Birkenhead Town 84,000 Wirral
Wallasey Town 59,000 Wirral
Moreton Town 18,000 Wirral
Upton Village 16,000 Wirral
Bebington Town 14,000 Wirral
Heswall Town 13,000 Wirral
Bromborough Village 13,000 Wirral
West kirby Town 13,000 Wirral
Eastham Village 12,000 Wirral
Greasby Village 10,000 Wirral
Pensby Village 10,000 Wirral
Hoylake Town 8,000 Wirral
Irby Village 6,000 Wirral
Leasowe District 6,000 Wirral
New Ferry District 5,000 Wirral
Meols Village 5,000 Wirral
Barnston Village 4,000 Wirral
Frankby Village 300 Wirral
Thurstaton Village 200 Wirral

Wirral Settlements - The Wirral Peninsula

Wirral has a combined population of around 320,000 people, with the large towns of Birkenhead and Wallasey being by far the biggest towns in the borough.
Being on the Wirral Peninsula, the borough is surrounded by coastline, with the western side providing amazing views of the Dee estuary. Whilst the eastern side offers a unique view of Liverpool City Centre in all its splendour, sandwiched between the vast network of docks stretching all the way along its coast. Those fortunate to live on the highest points of the Wirral can see both sides of the peninsula, from the glorious Welsh mountains on one side, right down the Mersey estuary towards the Garston Docks and the Runcorn Bridge on the other side.
Of course it's not just incredible scenery that the borough boasts, it's regarded by many as being one of the best places to live in the United Kingdom.

Birkenhead Town

Birkenhead is a large industrial town on the south western banks of the River Mersey. It has a population of around 84,000 people and is best known as a centre for ship building. There are vast stretches of docklands that have seen many major ships built there over the years, from military Aircraft Carriers like the Royal Navy's HMS Ark Royal, to Nuclear Submarines like the HMS Conqueror. Birkenhead's dock system is part of the Port of Liverpool, operated by the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company.
The town is home to the first publicly funded park in Britain, 'Birkenhead Park'. The creation of the park led to the 'Parks Movement', a movement that was far reaching both in Britain and abroad. The park was a major influence on American landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, he travelled to England in 1850 to visit public gardens. He was so impressed with Birkenhead Park, that he based his design of New York's famous Central Park on it. Today, Central Park is the most visited urban park in the United States as well as one of the most filmed locations in the world.
Birkenhead is part of a conurbation spanning the whole of the west coast of the Wirral, from Wallasey in the north, to Ellesmere Port in the South. The combined area has a population of over 325,000 people.

Wallasey Town

Wallasey is a town on the north eastern tip of the Wirral Peninsula, it has a population of around 59,000. The town has a seaside resort in the north and a heavy industrialised area in the south. On its eastern coast is the Kingsway Tunnel, which connects Wallasey to the Liverpool City Centre. The town also marks the beginning of the M53 Motorway which stretches right down the middle of the peninsula.
Unlike most towns, Wallasey has no town centre, although the main shopping area is centrally located at Liscard. With its close proximity to Liverpool, a lot of Wallasey residents regularly commute to Liverpool for both work and shopping.

Moreton Town

Moreton is a small town in the north of the Wirral Peninsula, it has a population of around 18,000. The coast at Moreton is part of a stretch of sand that runs from Meols to Leasowe known as Mockbeggar Wharf. The North Wirral Coastal Park also runs for four miles along this coast, the coastal park includes common land, public open space, natural foreshore and sand-dunes. It's Wirral's largest park and is a triple-rated 'Site of Special Scientific Interest'.
The history of the site stretches back over 5 millennia, when the area, including the foreshore, was heavily forested. The remains of this coastal forestland are known as the 'submerged forest' and can be seen at Dove Point in Meols.
There are various businesses located in Moreton, from Typhoo to Burton's Buiscuits. One company founded in Moreton was Dantec, they manufacture composite hoses, they are the biggest of its kind in the UK and one of top three providers in the world.

Upton Village

Upton is a village in the north of the Wirral Peninsula, it has a population of around 16,000. The village has a strong service economy which is primarily based around healthcare and retail, with a variety of places nearby, and within the village, to pursue sport and leisure activities. Upton has a number of parks and commons, the largest being Arrowe Park. The park is regularly used by amateur football teams and the Wirral Radio Control Flying Society. The major employer in Upton is the Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust at Arrowe Park Hospital.
With its central location, the village has great transport routes to most other places in the Wirral, as well as great connectivity with the city of Liverpool.

Bebington Town

Bebington is a small town with a population of around 14,000 people on the eastern side of the Wirral Peninsula. The town is situated on the Wirral Line of the Merseyrail network and has great access to both Liverpool and Chester.
A study from the 'Centre for Economic and Business Research' in 2015, acknowledged Bebington and its surrounding areas, as being 'The Most Desirable Place in England to Live and Work'. The surrounding areas include Brimstage, Bromborough, Clatterbridge, Higher Bebington, Raby, Raby Mere, Spital, Storeton and Thornton Hough. The study commissioned by Royal Mail, found the area to have the ideal balance of housing close to places of work, good schools and high employment.

Heswall Town

Heswall is an affluent town on the south eastern coast of the Wirral Peninsula, it has a population around 13,000 people. It was listed as being the 7th richest neighbourhood in the United Kingdom in 2001, with an average income being close to £47,000.
Poll Hill is the highest point on the Wirral Peninsula, it is one of the most prosperous and desirable place to live, offering great views of the River Dee Estuary. The largest open space in Heswall is the Dales, it is both a 'Site of Special Scientific Interest' and a 'Local Nature Reserve'.

Bromborough Village

Bromborough is a large village with a population of around 13,000 people on the south eastern side of the Wirral Peninsula. Bromborough Village and neighbouring Bebington are the most favourable locations for the epic Battle of Brunanburh in 937ce, which would distinguish the area as being the 'Birthplace of England'.
The village is a desirable place to live and is home to the Croft Retail & Leisure Park, containing a 7-Screen Cinema and other major retailers. There are two railway stations in Bromborough, both on the Wirral Line of the Merseyrail network, providing great connectivity to Liverpool.

West Kirby Town

West Kirby is a coastal town with a population of around 13,000 people and is located on the north west tip of the Wirral Peninsula. The town is well known for being one of the most affluent areas on the Wirral.
The seaside town offers many water-based activities at the West Kirby Marine Lake, such as canoeing, Kayaking, sailing, sailboarding and windsurfing. The 52 acre Lake is home to the Wirral Sailing School, where a variety of courses are available for multiple water sports. West Kirby also boasts many other sporting activities in the town and close by.
With Tennis tournaments held at Ashton Park, where world renowned professional players like Boris Becker, John McEnroe, Pete Sampras and Monica Seles have all competed.
As well as The Royal Liverpool Golf Club located between West Kirby and Hoylake, there are fewer places in the United Kingdom with such great sporting facilities in their vacinity.

Eastham Village

Eastham is a large village with a population of around 12,000 people on the south eastern side of the Wirral Peninsula. The village has great guided walks along Eastham Country Park, following Dibbinsdale Brook and leading onto the Wirral Way. Eastham Locks marks the beginning of the Manchester Ship Canal and is the largest lock in the United Kingdom. The village has good transport links to both Chester and Liverpool.

Greasby Village

Greasby is a large village located to the west of Birkenhead, with a population of around 12,000 people. The village is bounded by Arrowe Brook and by Greasby Brook. After the Second World War The area expanded considerably after the middle of the 20th century, with significant residential development across previously agricultural land. This has resulted in Greasby adjoining nearby settlements of Moreton, Upton and Woodchurch.

Pensby Village

Pensby is a large village on the western side of the Wirral Peninsula, with a population of around 10,000 people. Arrowe Park is located approximately a kilometre to the north of Pensby. Lower Pensby was once known as 'Newtown', this was due to the building of new houses around the turn of the twentieth century. Today, the urbanisation of the village connects it to the north west of Heswall.

Hoylake Town

Hoylake is a seaside town on the north west coast of the Wirral, it has a population of around 8,000 people. It has shared governance with neighbouring West Kirby in the past, it is also home to one of the most famous golf courses in the world.
The Royal Liverpool Golf Club is the second oldest golf links in England. It was built in 1869 on the site of the Royal Hotel Racecourse. It has hosted many major tournaments including 12 Open Championships, 18 Amateur Championships, 3 Ladies' British Amateur Championships, The Women's British Open, The Curtis Cup and the Walker Cup.
The town also supports one of the oldest lifeboat stations in the country.

Irby Village

Irby is a village on the western side of the Wirral Peninsula, with a population of around 6,000 people. The boundaries of the village cover an area of around 20 square kilometres. Irby is an economically diverse neighbourhood, possessing a mixture of homes in a range of sizes. In this respect it is regarded locally as a very desirable place to live.


Leasowe is a district on the north coast of the Wirral Peninsula, it has a population of around 6,000 people. The area is often considered a part of Wallasey, having been part of the former County Borough of Wallasey.
Like Skelmesdale and Runcorn, it was designated a 'New Town' area for development in the latter half of the 20th century, as part of the Liverpool Masterplan.
On the north shore of the housing estate that makes up the district is Leasowe Castle, which was built around 1593. To the west of the castle is Leasowe Lighthouse, this was built in 1763 and is the oldest brick-built lighthouse in Britain.

Smaller settlements in Wirral

Also on the Wirral Peninsula are the settlements of New Ferry, Meols, Barnston, Frankby and Thurstaton.