Dixie Dean - Lottie Dod - Daniel Craig - Elvis Costello - Paul O'Grady - John Peel - Ian Botham - Selwyn Lloyd

Notable People from Wirral - Liverpool City Region

Birkenhead born and bred Everton FC legend Dixie Dean What is it with the Wirral peninsula and multi-talented award-winning individuals? Take for example, the one and only Dixie Dean.
Dixie wasn't just the greatest footballer of his day, as well as the most prolific English striker of all time.
He was also an international Baseball player, playing for both the 'Liverpool Robins' and the 'Liverpool Trojans', during football's pre-season. In 1934, he had a chance meeting with one of his heroes, the 'Boston Red Sox' and 'New York Yankees' legend, Babe Ruth. Dixie Dean was an incredible athlete, even playing competitive cricket and amatuer golf. He remains the greatest goalscorer for any English team, having amassed an amazing 383 goals for Everton FC in just 433 games. Surely the extreme eploits of Dixie Dean is enough for one region.
Step up Lottie Dod: 5 times Wimbledon Tennis Champion; British Golf Champion and international Golfer; England international Hockey team player; Accomplished winter sports athlete and a Silver Medalist for the British Olympic team, in Archery.
The 'Guinness Book of Records' acknowledge Lottie Dod's incredible achievements, naming her 'The Most Versatile Female Athlete Of All Time'.
In fact, the whole Dod family must rank as one of the greatest sporting families too. Their parents were originally from over the water, they moved to Birkenhead where they raised four children; with the youngest being Charlotte 'Lottie' Dod. All four of the children grew up to be high-level contestents in various sports: Lottie won an array of tournaments in a variety of sports; older sister Annie, won many Doubles Tennis tournaments with her younger sister; While Willy won a Gold Medal for Archery in the 1908 Olympics.
The Wirral certainly carries on the city regional tradition of producing world-class professional athletes, from international Rugby stars like Matt Dawson and Austin Healey, Cricket legends like Ian Botham, Record-breaking Cyclist Chris Boardman and famous top-flight Footballers like the aforementioned Dixie Dean, Paul Bracewell, John Ebbrell, Jay Spearing, Jodie Taylor, David Thompson, Jonathan Walters, Jason McAteer and Dave Hickson. The latter having the unusual distinction of playing for Everton, Liverpool and Tranmere football clubs.
The Wirral has also produced world-class actors and they don't get much more famous than the 'James Bond' actor Daniel Craig, he was born in Chester but grew up on the Wirral, going to 3 schools in the Liverpool City Region. Wirral raised Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 He first attended junior school in Hoylake, before going onto Hilbre High School in neighbouring West Kirby. Following his High School days, the '007 Agent' then joined Calday Grange Grammar School as a sixth form student. He also played rugby union for Hoylake RFC. Daniel Craig is a multi-award winning actor that's appeared in many major box-office blockbusters in his career, from 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' to 'Skyfall', which grossed over $1.1 billion dollors. He began acting at a young age, appearing in school plays at the age of six, before being introduced to serious acting at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool.
Other actors from the borough include Megs Jenkins, Glenda Jackson, Patricia Routledge, Jan Ravens, Louise Delamere, Audrey Fildes, Geoffrey Hughes, Emma Wray, Dominic Purcell and Birkenhead's Lewis Collins, he appeared in many successful TV programmes like 'Z Cars' and the seventies hit show, 'The Professionals'. He also appeared in various motion pictures including the 1982 classic, 'Who Dares Wins'.
Lewis Collins was a close friend of Mike McCartney, Paul McCartney's younger brother. They'd often write songs together at the home of the McCartney's, as Collins was a musician for amatuer bands like The Eyes and The Georgians, before experiencing relative success with the 60's British beat group, The Mojo's. When Pete Best left The Beatles, Mike McCartney suggested Lewis Collins to his brother Paul as a replacement drummer, but of course Ringo was chosen instead.
That's not the only connection the Wirral Peninsula has with 'The Beatles'.
Elvis Costello co-written and performed over a dozen songs with his close friend Paul McCartney. Liverpool's Doctor of Music Elvis Costello with his multi award-winning wife jazz pianist 
and singer Diana Krall Their collaborations have been on numerous albums belonging to Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney. Costello moved with his Liverpool-born mother to Birkenhead when he was a teenager, before completing secondary school at St Francis Xavier's College in Liverpool. He is a world famous musician that was voted as one of the, '100 Greatest Artists of All Time' by Rolling Stone Magazine in 2004.
Music is a plenty on the Wirral, with great musical acts past and present including Indie rock band The Coral, The Cult rock musician and songwriter Ian Astbury, Alternative rock band 'The Boo Radleys', Boogie-rock band Engine, Singer-songwriter Pete Burns, Classical pianist Stephen Hough, Operatic dramatic soprano Rita Hunter, The Rascals with frontman Miles Kane, Country and folk musician and singer-songwriter Charlie Landsborough, Techno house group Oceanic, Post-punk band The Seal Cub Clubbing Club, The Scaffold singer John Gorman, Pop group Half Man Half Biscuit, Beautiful South singer and songwriter Paul Heaton, Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost and New wave synthpop group OMD.
The list of notable people from the Wirral is phenomenal, too many to mention them all. Nonetheless, here are some more that at least deserve a mention:
British journalist and TV presenter Fiona Bruce, World of Sport presenter Dickie Davies, Sports presenter Ray Stubbs, Radio Presenter and Author Spencer Leigh, Television and film director Alan Clarke, Film director Alexander Cox, TV and film producer Nigel Lythgoe, Celebrity chefs Paul Hollywood and Simon Peter Rimmer, Actor and comedian Ted Robbins, Sitcom actor Deryck Guyler, Singer songwriting comedienne Kate Robbins was brought up on the Wirral, TV presenter and comedian Jim Bowen, Poet and composer Cyril Scott, First World War poet Wilfred Owen, Poet and artist Adrian Henri, Children's author and illustrator Shirley Hughes, Sci-fi author Olaf Stapledon, Artists Philip Wilson Steer, Bill Tidy and Ralph Steadman, Turner Prize-winning artist Mark Leckey, Horatio Nelson's mistress Emma Hamilton, Selwyn Lloyd and last but not least, close friend to Winston Churchill, the former Lord Chancellor Frederick Edwin Smith.
Indeed, the Wirral Peninsula doesn't disappoint when it comes to influential people that have helped shape modern culture.

Everton FC Legendary Footballer Dixie Dean from Birkenhead - Liverpool City Region

Dixie Dean

Footballer - The Greatest English Goalscorer Ever

William Ralph 'Dixie' Dean was born in Birkenhead in 1907.
What can you say, that hasn't already been said, about the remarkable Dixie Dean. He is the most prolific goalscoring machine that England has ever produced, the likes of which we may never see again. His close-friend the great Bill Shankly once said, "Dixie Dean belongs in the ranks of the supremely great, like Beethoven, Rembrandt and Shakespeare".

Chronology Year
At just sixteen local lad Dixie Dean makes his debut for Tranmere Rovers FC 1924
Plays his 30th game having scored 27 goals for Tranmere Rovers FC 1925
Leaves Tranmere Rovers FC for a record fee to his boyhood club Everton FC 1925
Scores 33 goals in his first full season for Everton FC 1926
Fractures his skull and jaw leaving doctors saying he'd never play again 1926
Makes an amazing recovery and scores with his head on his return match 1926
Finishes his second season with 36 goals in 36 games for Everton FC 1927
Scores 2 goals in his international debut for England at just 20 years old 1927
Finishes the 'British Home Championships' tournament as top goalscorer 1927
English League Champions with Everton FC 1928
Scores a record-breaking 60 league goals in one season for Everton FC 1928
Awarded the 'Sunday Pictorial Trophy' for his achievements at Everton FC 1928
English 2nd Division Champions with Everton FC 1931
English League Champions with Everton FC 1932
Wins his 2nd Charity Shield with Everton FC 1932
World's first No.9 footballer winning the FA Cup with Everton FC 1933
Scores the last of his English record 37 Hatricks for Everton FC 1936
Plays the last of his 433 games having scored 383 goals for Everton FC 1938
Awarded a testimonial match for his contribution to Everton FC 1964
Awarded the 'Hall of Fame Trophy' for his contribution to football 1971
Honourably recognized by the 'Football Writers Association' 1976
Dies following a derby match at his beloved Goodison Park 1980
One of 100 players inducted into the first 'Football League 100 Legends' 1998
One of only 11 players inducted into the first 'Everton Football Hall of Fame' 2000
A statue was unveiled outside Goodison Park of the legendary Dixie Dean 2001
One of only 23 players inducted into the first 'English Football Hall of Fame' 2002

The Incredible Lottie Dod from the Wirral - Liverpool City Region

Lottie Dod

Tennis - Athlete - 5 Times Wimbledon Champion

Born in Bebington in 1871, Lottie Dod is the 'Most Versatile Female Athlete Of All Time'. She joined the 'Rock Ferry Tennis Club' in Birkenhead when she was eleven. She entered her first tennis tournement that same year, with her older sister Annie. Lottie's incredible performances in her early years earned her the name "Little Wonder". At just fifteen, she remains the 'Youngest Female Singles Champion' in history.

Chronology Year
Enters the Doubles Tennis 'Northern Championships' with sister Annie 1883
Twice Runners-up in both Liverpool 'Northern Championships' with Annie 1884
Wins the Doubles and Mixed Doubles Tennis at the Waterloo tournament 1885
Won the Doubles Tennis 'Northern Championships' with Annie 1885
Runners-up in the Singles Tennis 'Northern Championships' 1885
Won the Singles Tennis at the 'West of England Championships' in Bath 1886
Won the Singles Tennis at the 'Irish Championships' in straight sets 1887
Won the Singles Tennis 'Northern Championships' emphatically 1887
First Singles Tennis 'Wimbledon Championship' at 15 years and 285 days 1887
Becomes the 'Youngest Female Singles Champion' in history 1887
Wins several Doubles and Mixed Doubles Titles with her sister Annie 1888
Wins her 2nd Singles Tennis 'Wimbledon Championship' 1888
Only enters the Tennis 'Northern Championships' which she won 1889
Takes a break from Tennis and doesn't compete in any tournaments 1889
Wins her 3rd Singles Tennis 'Wimbledon Championship' on her return 1891
Wins her 4th Singles Tennis 'Wimbledon Championship' 1892
Wins her 5th Singles Tennis 'Wimbledon Championship' 1893
Helps to establish a ladies' Golf Club at Moreton 1894
Shifts her attention towards various winter sports in Switzerland 1895
Passes the prestigious 'St Moritz Ladies's Skating Test' in Switzerland 1895
Only the second woman ever to pass the 'St. Moritz Men's Skating Test' 1897
Returns to the Wirral and helps to found the 'Spital Hockey Club' 1897
She becomes the captain of 'Spital Hockey Club' 1899
Makes her debut for the 'England National Hockey team' 1899
Scores both goals in the 'England National Hockey team' win over Ireland 1900
Again reaches the semi-finals of the 'National Golf Championships' 1900
Plays and wins Ireland in an unofficial international Golf match for England 1900
Wins the 'British Ladies Amateur Golf Championship' on the 18th hole 1904
The only woman in history to win a British Tennis and Golf Championship 1904
Plays in the Golf International Championships for the United Kingdom 1905
Wins her first tournament in Archery 1906
Takes Silver for Britian at the first held London Olympics in Archery 1908
Red Cross Service Medal for serving more than 1,000 hours during the war 1918
The legendary Lottie Dod dies in a Hampshire nursing home at 88 years old 1960
Elected to the 'International Tennis Hall of Fame' 1983
The Guinness Book of Records 'Most Versatile Female Athlete Of All Time' 2009

Award-winning James Bond superstar Daniel Craig from the Wirral - Liverpool City Region

Daniel Craig

Actor - Highly Acclaimed James Bond Star

Daniel Craig was born in Chester and raised on the Wirral.
As a child, he attended primary school, secondary school and the sixth form in the Liverpool city region. He was an enthusiastic thespian from a young age, often watching seasoned professionals in the 'Liverpool Everyman Theatre' with his mother. The Liverpool FC supporter has been highly praised for his outstanding James Bond performances.

Chronology Year
Joins the 'National Youth Theatre' in London 1984
Graduates from the 'Guildhall School of Music and Drama' at the Barbican 1991
Plays Sgt Botha in his debut film called 'The Power of One' 1992
Cast as 'Master Kane' in Disney's 'A Kid in King Arthur's Court' 1995
First starring TV role in the acclaimed BBC drama 'Our Friends in the North' 1996
'Edinburgh International Film Festival Award' for the film 'The King and I' 1998
'British Independent Film Award' nominee for Best Actor in 'The Trench' 1999
'British Independent Film Award' for Best Actor in the film 'Some Voices' 2000
Plays Angelina Jolie's mischievous lover in the blockbuster hit 'Tomb Raider' 2001
Stars with Tom Hanks and Jude Law in the hit film 'Road to Perdition' 2002
Triple nominee for his role in the highly acclaimed British film 'The Mother' 2003
Double nominee in the biographical film 'Sylvia' with Gwyneth Paltrow 2003
Double nominee as an underworld kingpin in the British thriller 'Layer Cake' 2004
In Steven Spielberg's re-enactment of the '1972 Olympic' tragedy 'Munich' 2005
Selected as the sixth actor to portray the role of secret agent James Bond 2005
BAFTA nominee for the biggest James Bond box-office hit 'Casino Royale' 2006
Wins 'Sant Jordi' Award for Best Foreign Actor in the hit 'Casino Royale' 2006
Best Actor at 'Evening Standard British Film Awards' and 'Empire Awards' 2006
Nominated for a 'Saturn Award' for Best Actor in 'Casino Royale' 2006
'Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actor' nominee for 'Infamous' 2006
Stars with Nicole Kidman in the fantasy film 'The Golden Compass' 2007
Stars as the WW2 liberator leader 'Tuvia Bielski' in the epic film 'Defiance' 2008
His 2nd James Bond film and another box office hit 'Quantum of Solace' 2008
Nominated for the 'Empire Award' for Best Actor in 'Quantum of Solace' 2008
Nominated for the 'Scream Award for Best Sci-Fi Actor' in 'Cowboys & Aliens' 2011
Stars with his future wife 'Rachel Weisz' in the thriller 'Dream House' 2011
'Empire Award for Best Actor' nominee for 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' 2011
Makes a special entrance with the Queen at the London Olympic Games 2012
His 3rd James Bond film is the 9th highest-grossing film of all time 'Skyfall' 2012
Hosts the American live television sketch comedy 'Saturday Night Live' 2012
Filming begins on the anticipated 24th James Bond film due out in 2015 2014

Music Legend Elvis Costello is also from the Wirral - Liverpool City Region

Elvis Costello

Singer - Musician - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Elvis Costello was born in London to scouse parents in 1954. He spent part of his childhood in the Liverpool city region.
First in Liverpool, where he attended secondary school at 'St Francis Xavier's College', then on to Birkenhead, where he formed his first band. Born 'Declan Patrick MacManus', he adopted 'Elvis' from the rock and roll legend Elvis Presley; and 'Costello', after the name of his musical father's former band.

Chronology Year
Releases his first single for 'Stiff Records' called 'Less Than Zero' 1977
Signs with the American flagship record label 'Columbia Records' 1977
Forms his own backing band called 'The Attractions' 1977
His second album and his first with 'The Attractions' was 'This Year's Model' 1978
Tours Australia the US and Canada with 'The Attractions' 1978
'Grammy Award' nominee for 'Best New Artist' 1979
Releases his second album 'Armed Forces' with 'The Attractions' 1979
Spends 4 weeks at No.2 with his anti-occupation anthem 'Oliver's Army' 1979
Releases his fourth album 'Trust' with 'The Attractions' 1981
Sings about Birkenhead Docks in the political song 'Shipbuilding' 1982
Releases an anti-Thatcher protest song called "Pills and Soap" 1983
Announces his retirement and break-up with 'The Attractions' 1984
Plays 'The Beatles' song 'All You Need Is Love' at Bob Geldof's 'Live Aid' 1985
Produces 'The Pogues' second album 'Rum, Sodomy & the Lash' 1985
Works on Paul McCartney's 'Flowers in the Dirt' album with Paul McCartney 1987
Signs a new contract with the 'Warner Bros' label 1989
His 12th album and first for 'Warner Bros' called 'Spike' was a UK Top 5 hit 1989
US Top 20 hit with the single 'Veronica' co-written with Paul McCartney 1989
His 13th album called 'Mighty Like A Rose' was a UK Top 5 hit 1991
His TV soundtrack for Alan Bleasdale's 'GBH' wins a 'BAFTA for Best Music' 1991
'Grammy Award' nominee for his 'Mighty Like A Rose' album 1992
UK No.2 hit album 'Brutal Youth' with former backing band 'The Attractions' 1994
'Grammy Award' nominee for 'Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals' 1992
American 'Vigotone' releases the 'Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello' album 1998
Signs with 'Polygram Records' later becoming the 'Universal Music Group' 1998
Collaborates with Burt Bacharach for the album 'Painted from Memory' 1998
BAFTA for the single 'I Still Have That Other Girl' with Burt Bacharach 1998
BAFTA for music on Disney's 'The Long Journey Home' with Paddy Moloney 1998
'Grammy Award' for 'I Still Have That Other Girl' with Burt Bacharach 1999
Hosts the 25th Anniversary of the US comedy show 'Saturday Night Live' 1999
Performs with Paul McCartney at the Linda McCartney tribute concert 1999
'Armed Forces' in Q magazine's '100 Greatest British Albums Ever' 2000
'This Year's Model' in Q magazine's '100 Greatest British Albums Ever' 2000
Triple 'Grammy Award' nominee including 'Best Alternative Music Album' 2003
Performs 'London Calling' with Bruce Springsteen at the Grammy Awards 2003
'Costello and The Attractions' inducted into the 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' 2003
'Academy Award' nominee for the music on the film 'Cold Mountain' 2003
Reaches No.1 on the 'Billboard Classical Music albums chart' for 'Il Sogno' 2004
80th on the Rolling Stone magazine list '100 Greatest Artists of All Time' 2004
Quadriple 'Grammy Award' nominee includind 'Best Rock Album' 2005
'Grammy Award' nominee for 'The River In Reverse' album 2007
Awarded 'Doctor of Music' honorary degree by the 'University of Liverpool' 2008
'Armed Forces' in Q magazine's '100 Greatest British Albums Ever' 2009
'Grammy Award' nominee for the 'Secret, Profane & Sugarcane' album 2010
Works with fellow vegetarian Paul McCartney for 'Linda McCartney Foods' 2013
Awarded 'Doctor of Music' honorary degree by the 'Boston School of Music' 2013

Television Host Paul O'Grady from Birkenhead - Liverpool City Region

Paul O'Grady

Comedian - Presenter - Actor - DJ - Author

Paul O'Grady was born and raised in Birkenhead from 1955. He first rose to stardom as his tough talking alter ego character 'Lily Savage' in 1992. Since then, he has been an ever present successful television presenter on a variety of programmes. He is a supporter of the Labour Party and Everton FC. Amongst many of his charitable roles, he is an Ambassador for the 'Battersea Dogs and Cats Home'.

Chronology Year
Makes his first appearance as drag queen 'Lily Savage' in Camden 1978
Joined the 'Equity' actors union and takes a role at the Donmar Warehouse 1983
First of three performanes as a prostitute informant in the TV show 'The Bill' 1988
'Perrier Award' nominee as 'Lily Savage' at the Edinburgh Festival 1992
Co-hosts the 'Smash Hits Poll Winners Party' with Ant & Dec 1996
Presents the comedy quiz show 'Blankety Blank' as Lily Savage 1997
'British Comedy Award' nominee for the show 'Lily Live!' 2000
Visits the far east in a six-part TV show called 'Paul O'Grady's Orient' 2000
Visits the US in a TV travelogue called 'Paul O'Grady's America' 2001
Sings with Cilla Black and Barbara Windsor at 'Royal Variety Performance' 2001
Presents the bloopers TV show 'Outtake TV' as himself Paul O'Grady 2002
Stars in the BBC sitcom 'Eyes Down' set in a Liverpool bingo hall 2003
Decides to retire his 'Lily Savage' character after 16 years 2004
Earns his own show on ITV called 'The Paul O'Grady Show' 2004
Wins a 'BAFTA' for 'Best Entertainment Performance' 2005
Wins a 'British Comedy Award' for 'Best Comedy Entertainment Personality' 2005
Wins a 'National Television Award' for 'Most Popular Daytime Programme' 2005
Wins a 'TV Quick Award' for 'Best Daytime Show' 2005
Founds the independent television production company entitled 'Olga TV' 2005
Wins a 'TRIC Award' for 'Best TV Personality' 2006
Moves to Channel 4 and renames his show to 'The New Paul O'Grady Show' 2006
Awarded an MBE for his services to entertainment 2008
Finishes his last 'Channel 4' broadcast of 'The Paul O'Grady Show' 2009
Honorary 'Doctor of Arts' from 'De Montfort University' in Leicester 2010
Makes a return to ITV with his 12th series called 'Paul O'Grady Live' 2010
Presents the successful ITV documentary series 'For the Love of Dogs' 2013
'BAFTA' nominee for the show 'For the Love of Dogs' 2013
'National Television Award' nominee for the show 'For the Love of Dogs' 2013
Presents the hit BBC documentary series 'Paul O'Grady's Working Britain' 2013
'National Television Award' nominee for 'Paul O'Grady's Working Britain' 2014
Presents the ITV documentary series 'Paul O'Grady's Animal Orphans' 2014

Legendary Disc Jockey John Peel from the Wirral - Liverpool City Region

John Peel

DJ - Presenter - Record Producer - Journalist

John Peel was a much loved multi-award winning disc-jockey born in Heswall in 1913. The legendary BBC Radio 1 disc-jockey was well known for his warm and sincere broadcasting style. He was the longest serving of the original BBC Radio 1 DJs, becoming widely acknowledged for promoting artists working in various genres. In 2002, following a BBC poll, the avid Liverpool FC supporter was voted the 43rd Greatest Briton of all time.

Chronology Year
Gets his first disc-jockey job working for WRR radio in Dallas 1964
Works as an official Beatles correspondent for KLIF radio in Dallas 1964
Works for the offshore commercial station Radio London 1967
Becomes one of the original DJs at the new pop music station BBC Radio 1 1967
Wins one of his 11 'Best Radio DJ of the Year' awards from Melody Maker 1968
He founded the Dandelion Records label 1969
Marries Sheila Gilhooly wearing red in honour of his beloved Liverpool FC 1974
Invites Pulp to the BBC studios after Jarvis Cocker gave him a tape of his band 1981
Establishes the Strange Fruit Records label with Clive Selwood 1986
Wins the 'Sony Broadcaster of the Year Award' 1993
Wins the publicly voted 'Godlike Genius Award' from NME 1994
Awarded OBE for his services to British music 1998
Voted 43rd Greatest Briton of All Time 2002
Publishers Transworld offer him £1.6 million to write his autobiography 2003
Dies from a heart attack on a visit to Peru at just 65 years old 2004
Wins the 'Hero of the Year Award' from NME 2005
Posthumously wins the special award for 'Lifelong Service To Music' from NME 2005
NME name the 'John Peel Award For Musical Innovation' in his honour 2005
Merseytravel announced they would be naming a train after him 2008
The John Peel Centre for Creative Arts opened at Stowmarket in his honour 2013

England Cricketer Ian Botham from the Wirral - Liverpool City Region

Sir Ian Botham

Cricketer - Commentator - Footballer

Born in Heswall in 1955, Sir Ian Terence Botham is a former England Test cricketer and Test team captain. He is regarded by many as England's greatest ever all-rounder, particularly in Test cricket. He has been a fundraiser for various charitable causes, most notably for Leukaemia research. His efforts have seen him raise a total of £12 million for charity over the years. In 1985, were he walked 900 miles from John o' Groats to Land's End.

Chronology Year
Begins his Cricket career at Somerset 1974
Makes his Test debut for England taking a five-wicket haul in 74 runs 1977
Elected one of Wisden's 'Five Cricketers of the Year' 1978
Plays professional football for Scunthorpe United FC as a centre half 1980
Voted 'BBC Sports Personality of the Year' 1981
First of his 12 long-distance charity walks with a 900 mile trek across the UK 1985
Awarded an OBE for his services to both Cricket and Charity 1992
Retires from first-class cricket with a batting record of 19,399 runs at 33.97 1993
Retires from first-class cricket fielding 1,172 wickets at 27.22 and 354 catches 1993
Became the first ever 'President of Leukaemia Research' 2003
Wins the BBC Sports 'Personality of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award' 2004
Knighted for his Cricket Achievements and his diligent work for Charity 2007
Awarded an 'Honorary Doctor of Laws' by the University of Bath 2008
Awarded an 'Honorary Doctorate in Sports Science' by Leeds Met. University 2008
Inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame 2009
Awarded an 'Honorary Doctor of Science' by the University of Lincoln 2010

Lord Selwyn Lloyd of the Wirral - Liverpool City Region

Selwyn Lloyd

Foreign Secretary - Chancellor - Brigadier

Selwyn Lloyd was born in West Kirby in 1904, he was a Brigadier during World War II and held the position of Deputy Chief of Staff for the British Second Army. Originally a Liberal, he rose in power as a Conservative politician to the positions of Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defence, Foreign Secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer and was later elected as the Speaker of the House of Commons.

Chronology Year
Admitted to the Honourable Society of Gray's Inn 1926
Becomes a Parliamentary candidate for Macclesfield for the Liberal Party 1929
Served as a councillor on Hoylake Urban District Council 1932
Appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) 1943
Awarded the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) 1945
Elected to the House of Commons to represent Wirral 1945
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs under Winston Churchill 1951
Served as the Minister of Supply 1954
Served as the Minister of Defence 1955
Appointed as the Foreign Secretary 1955
Appointed as the Chancellor of the Exchequer 1960
Appointed a Companion of Honour for outstanding achievements 1962
Elected as the Speaker of the House of Commons 1971
Became a Life Peer as a Baron of Wirral in the County of Merseyside 1976