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Tourist Attractions in Wirral - Liverpool City Region

There are many top tourist attractions in the Wirral, covering a wide variety of activities. The borough is renowned for its glorious beaches and are enjoyed by many a day tripper, from the Liverpool city region and beyond. Take the beautiful beach at Hoylake for example, it's jam-packed with excited seasiders during the sunny summer months, many of whom can be seen venturing outwards towards the Hilbre Islands when the tide is out.
Literally a stones throw from Hoylake Beach, is the West Kirby Marine Lake, a water sport enthusiast's dream venue, a 52 acre Lake that's home to the Wirral Sailing School. Funny Scouser Ricky Tomlinson at the Floral Pavillion - Liverpool City Region There are plenty of activities on offer at the lake, like canoeing, Kayaking, sailing, sailboarding and windsurfing. Another attraction not far from there is the world class golf course at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club.
Of course, the Wirral is home to many great golf courses, beaches and water-based activities. If you're looking for more of a cultural experience, why not check out one of the many top performances at the new Floral Pavillion theatre. New Brighton has a rich history with stage theatre, with a proud tradition of theatre goers over the years.
The small seaside resort was once home to 7 theatres, the Pier Pavilion, the Palace Theatre, the Tivoli, the Tower Theatre, the Victoria Gardens Pavilion, the Winter Gardens and of course the Floral Pavillion. However, an unfortunate series of events throughout the 19th century led to the closure of most of these venues. Thankfully though, the sole surviving theatre has managed to carry the weight of its former competitors and thrive as a result.
Today, the new Floral Pavillion is a premier attraction for the borough, with a whole host of top celebrity acts from all over the world performing at the venue.
Other cultural experiences can be found at the many different museums and galleries in the borough, like the Lady Lever Art Gallery, the Williamson Art Gallery and the Wirral Transport Museum.
The grounds of the Lady Lever Art Gallery are an attraction of their own. Set in the conservation area of Port Sunlight Village, there are 900 Grade II listed buildings in the village. The beautiful gardens leading up to the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight Village - Liverpool City Region It was built by the Lever Brothers to accommodate workers in its soap factory, with the name derived from their most popular brand of cleaning agent, 'Sunlight'.
The Lady Lever Art Gallery boasts a fine collection ranging from furniture, paintings, sculptures to ceramics. Most of the pieces were accumalated throughout the life of its founder, William Hesketh Lever. Among many items inside the gallery are the best collection of Wedgwood jasperware, that can be found anywhere in the world.
The Williamson Art Gallery is another one of the Wirral's hidden gems. It's home to the largest public collection of Della Robbia pottery in the United Kingdom, as well as thousands of Drawings, Prints, Oil Paintings and Watercolours.
For those little historians amongst us, the Wirral Transport Museum in Birkenhead is just the treat. There are lots of old fashioned vehicles and even a long model railway set on show. The museum is full of old relics complete with the grand old stories they tell from the local area. It's an educational experience that's sure to warm the hearts of the enthusiastic visitors.
Whatever you're seeking, an adventure, a performance, an education, an experience to remember, the Wirral is right for you!

The Floral Pavillion - Wallasey Town

The new Floral Pavillion theatre in Wirral - Liverpool City Region The original Floral Pavillion theatre was opened in 1913, with many famous celebrities appearing at the much loved venue over the years. The seaside resort of New Brighton has a rich history with stage theatre, it was once home to 7 theatres.
Today however, the Floral Pavillion theatre is all that remains, with the other six closing their doors over the years.
As part of the 'Brand New Brighton' regeneration project, the famous old theatre was completely rebuilt in 2008. The 21st century venue owes much of its architectural design to the grand old theatre, with much of its majestic charm being retained. The new Floral Pavillion is at the heart of the community, providing a blend of top quality local acts and internationally renowned performers.
Musical performances available at the Floral pavillion include The Drifters, Foster and Allen, The Searchers, the Liverpool Mozart Orchestra, Operatic foursome G4, X-Factors Rhydian and the Wirral Ukulele Orchestra.
Comedy acts can also be found at the theatre, acts like Ken Dodd, John Bishop, Ruby Wax, Jason Manford and local Radio Merseyside favourites Billy & Wally. As well as screenplays such as Desperate Scousewives, Warnings to the Curious and Agatha Christie's A Murder Is Announced. There are dozens of exhibitions, musicals, pantos, screenplays and shows throughout the year at the Floral Pavillion.
The new facilities can also deliver a range of public and private events in their state-of-the-art Conference Centre and Blue Lounge.
Bringing high quality national touring theatre and performers to the region, the theatre is a local community hub for young people, local performers and artists of the future.
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Williamson Art Gallery - Birkenhead Town

Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead - Liverpool City Region

Opened to the public in 1928, the Williamson Art Gallery was originally supported by John Williamson and his son Patrick. The neo-Georgian style gallery is located in the Oxton area of Birkenhead. It houses a fine collection of art, including Della Robbia Pottery, English Watercolours, Liverpool Porcelain and Victorian Oil Paintings, with works from Albert Moore and Birkenhead landscape artist, Philip Wilson Steer on show.
The Liverpool porcelain collection were created at various factories in Liverpool between 1756 and 1804. Much of the blue and white fashionable Oriental designs, made from soft-paste porcelain, were shipped out to North America during the late 19th century.
There is also a magnificent collection of model ships at the gallery related to Cammell Laird, showcasing the Mersey maritime vessels that were built at the Birkenhead shipyard.
The Williamson Art Gallery welcomes around 35,000 visitors each year and is home to about 6,000 Drawings, Prints, Oil Paintings and Watercolours.
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Lady Lever Art Gallery - Port Sunlight Village

The neo-classical architectural style Lady Lever Art Gallery - Liverpool City Region

The Lady Lever Art Gallery was opened in 1922 by the English industrialist and politician William Hesketh Lever, in honour of his beloved wife Elizabeth. It is home to the best collection of Wedgwood jasperware anywhere in the world and an internationally renowned collection of Pre-Raphaelite paintings.
The gallery is situated in the Port Sunlight conservation area, a model garden village built by the successful British soap manufactures, the Lever Brothers. The Lady Lever Art Gallery is a Grade II listed building and as part of the National Museums Liverpool, it has free admission.
The gallery, of neo-classical architectural style, was built by Warrington architects William and Segar Owen. They were both heavily linked with the Lever brothers and designed much of the quaint village.
The Lady Lever Art Gallery collection is mostly a reflection of William Lever's taste, with many pieces also bought to attract housewives, who were his main clientele. Along with a fine collection of British art, he was also attracted to Chinese, Greek and Roman art. With many of the pieces such as Chinese porcelain, Greek vases and Roman sculptures being selected to emphasis the influences on British artists, during the 18th and 19th centuries. The gallery also houses fine examples of 18th century furniture and is famous for its Pre-Raphaelite paintings by Burne-Jones, Millais and Rossetti. Other interesting works at the gallery include peices from famous artists such as Constable, Gainsborough, Leighton, Reynolds and Turner.
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Wirral Transport Museum - Birkenhead Town

The Wirral Transport Museum - Liverpool City Region The Wirral Transport Museum is located near the the Mersey Ferry service at Woodside in Birkenhead. The museum houses a host of classic vehicles from the past, such as bikes, buses, cars, fire engines, mopeds, motorcycles and many vintage trams from Europes first street tramway system in Birkenhead.
Inside the museum you can also find a 26 feet long model railway and a model shop for those of you that are keen on the popular past time.
The museum was established back in 1995, it is owned by Wirral Borough Council and is ran by one of Britain's best known transport restoration groups, the Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society. They are a volunteer force that was originally set up in 1960 by a group of Liverpool University students.
The registered charity highlights local facts about transportation in the area, acknowledging Birkenhead's role as the first street tramway system, making it an educational experience for visitors young an old.
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